Behr & Bush Brow Brush/Spoolie

Behr & Bush Brow Brush/Spoolie

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This brow brush is the ideal brush for applying eyebrow powder. The nylon bristles on the angle tip side are perfect for applying the powder cleanly and precisely. It is excellent at detailing, outlining, and creating hairlike strokes. The spoolie is perfect for blending in products for a natural look. Just flip the brush over and use the other end to blend down the powder to create a natural finish and a beautiful brow. A great two in one tool!

For a more polished and  defined look, use with our Behr & Bush Duo Brow Powder to outline eyebrows and draw brow hairs.


  • Convenience of a two in one tool to create an effortless brow look
  • Angle tip side with nylon bristles for precision
  • Spoolie brush side to blend
  • Can create multiple brow looks (soft, fluffy, defined)

How to Use- Using the spoolie end, comb brow hairs upward. Then fill the brush end with the deeper shade of Duo Brow Powder and create a soft line under the brow following your natural brow line. Take the lighter shade of Duo Brow Powder and apply to the front of the brow, working toward the arch. Then get the deeper shade of Duo Brow Powder and apply to the arch. Fill in toward the tail in the direction of hair’s natural growth. For a natural-looking finish, be sure to use the spoolie end to blend through the brow. 

Is This For Me- Need a two in one tool that creates multiple brow looks effortlessly? This is the brush for you!

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